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Investment Education Supporting 

1. Specialist real estate investment training and legal services to professional investors and real estate investors, apartment owners, and first home buyers. 



2. This real estate education provides essential knowledge regarding apartment management, apartment purchases, and sales education


3. This program also provides professional education for first home buyers who are unfamiliar with government support programs.


4. This program provides education in matters such as escrow opening, home price assumptions, realty agent search, management for home purchases, and personal credit management.


5. It is possible for the owner of a current apartment to prepare and provide documents to the apartment manager regarding eviction issues, such as the lawful eviction civil action method that the apartment manager should know, and how to apply for the eviction of tenants in the actual court setting.


6. All of these services can be filed through the LDA (Legal Aid assistants) or lawyers who can offer a professional eviction suit at a low price or represent clients before a judge at trial.


7. We will provide services to apartment owners and investors regarding rent control, lease & rent contracts, housing department regulations, apartment purchase contracts, return on investment, software, homeowners association policies, etc.


8. Meetings are held every three months each year to provide current real estate status reports and various real estate investment-related training.


9. Workshops in real estate training and investment are also available regularly.

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