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Job Training & Supporting 


Open Classes for Job Training and Support

Christian Youth Job Training and Community Service Opportunities

  1. Empowering Christian Youth: Our non-profit focuses on nurturing young Christians (ages 16-26) who are jobless or lack job training. Despite having strong faith, they often face real-world challenges.

  2. Creating Hopeful Futures: We launch vocational training, community service, and church service opportunities, fostering new job prospects and helping Christian youth tackle life's obstacles with biblical guidance.

  3. Leadership and Role Model Development: The program invites inspirational figures to share experiences, aiming to shape young Christians into successful leaders and exemplary Christian figures in society.

  4. Broadening Horizons: Targeting high school students from low-income church backgrounds, we provide networking and nationwide job assistance to help them find early employment opportunities.

  5. Boosting Confidence: Specialized classes aim to restore confidence in high school students, encouraging them to become valuable society members through the Christian spirit.

  6. Diverse Employment Programs: Preparation is underway for training in fields such as credit card processing technology, IT support, marketing, and essential business skills, also available for young adults from early immigrant families.

  7. Scholarship Opportunities: Primarily for financially needy Christian youth, requiring three recommendations from church ministers.

Credit Card Processing and Technical Education Programs

  1. Wide Age Range Focus: Our programs cater to individuals from young students to those up to 65, including current job seekers, with separate entrepreneurship training.

  2. Immediate Employment Opportunities: Training in areas like credit card operations, marketing, sales, technical service, and customer support, tailored for immediate application in the credit card processing industry.

  3. Certification and Self-Employment: Post-training, participants can become certified as independent agents, opening paths to home office work or self-employment.

  4. Partnerships and Employment Prospects: Successful completion might lead to roles with major companies like World Pay, Vantiv, and First Data, through partnerships with MPS Merchant Service Group and others.

  5. Finance Specialist Career Path: This course offers a gateway to becoming a finance specialist, agent, or employee in the credit card processing sector.

  6. Scholarship and Early Employment Support: Available for long-term unemployed or low-income individuals, enhancing their job readiness.

  7. Quarterly Certification Courses: The program runs regularly, offering both classroom education and on-the-job training for swift career initiation.

  8. Advanced Training and High-Income Opportunities: Further training is available for high-level marketing roles or contracts for high-income self-employment.

  9. Employment with Leading Companies: Graduates may find opportunities with top processing companies, facilitated by our vocational training and job support programs in partnership with industry leaders.

  10. Comprehensive Training Programs: From sales to technical and customer service roles, we offer diverse training for starting a business or enhancing professional skills.

  11. Established Success and Job Creation: With years of experience, MPS Merchant Service Group and Meridian Payment System Company have successfully trained and employed hundreds of agents, contributing significantly to job creation in the industry.

  12. Continued Training and Recruitment Opportunities: Completing the training opens further doors for re-training and recruitment as secondary agents with top processing companies.

  13. Supportive Learning Environment: Our programs include access to occupational counseling and resources, with 24/7 support for job search advice and guidance.

Join our open classes for targeted job training and support, designed to equip Christian youth and individuals interested in credit card processing with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed for successful careers and meaningful social contributions.

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