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Job Training & Supporting 


1. Special job creation and community service opportunities focused on Christian youth


1) Our nonprofit organizations are particularly interested in fostering Christian youth ministers, young Christians, 16-26 years old, who have lost their jobs or who have had no job-related training. Although they may have a good philosophy as Christians, they may also suffer from constant difficulties in their real lives.


2) Our program creates new jobs and hopeful futures for a lot of Christian youths who are looking for work as volunteers by organizing vocational training, providing opportunities for community service, and providing church service opportunities. We counsel Christian youth on strategies for success, talk to young people about the real problems they face, and share Biblical perspectives that help expand their world view.


3) Our programs invite celebrities to share their experience during this vocational training course, and the program is designed to help young Christians become successful leaders as well as better Christian role models, which will make their personal lives and social contributions more meaningful.


4) The primary purpose of this program is to address one of the biggest problems facing labor and volunteerism for young Christians. In particular, the program assists high school students in low-income churches to find job opportunities early through networking in various counties and through nationwide job assistance.


5) Many high school students are losing their dreams. Special classes for high school students can give them confidence in themselves and confidence in the Christian spirit so they learn to serve as productive and helpful members of society.


7) The Christian youth job creation training program, which is currently under preparation, offers a variety of employment programs in areas such as credit card processing technology, IT support programs and marketing programs, IT computer technician and mobile payment processing skills, basic computer and business English skills, which are needed to acquire to acquire job opportunities. This training will be included for young adults in early immigrant families if needed.


8) This Christian youth vocational education program is primarily aimed at Christian youth who need financial support or who qualify for a scholarship. To qualify, Christian youth must receive three letters of recommendation from a serving minister of the church. 




2. Job training programs providing for credit card processing and technical education that can actually work to produce immediate results. 


1) Our nonprofit organizations are focusing on various ages, from young high school students to 65-year-olds, and especially current job seekers. The training program for entrepreneurs is separate. The technical vocational training program offers education for credit card company operators, credit card company marketing, sales staff courses, technical service staff courses, telephone customer counseling, and customer service staff training.

2) The training can be used for prospective agents or employees in the credit card processing industry by providing various technical courses, such as e-commerce and mobile processing. Those with such training can be hired directly as contracted employees who work with processing companies, private businesses, or legal entities.


3) After completing one-to-six months of training, you will gain the skills and expertise to work as a specialist in each field. You will be able to be certified as an independent sub-agent and start working in your home office or working as a self-employed person operating your own office.


4) Those who complete this training program may be hired as a sub-agent of World Pay, Vantiv, and First Data. Through the education partnership with MPS Merchant Service Group, you can work for several partner companies in the U.S., such as America Bank Card and Harbor Touch POS. All details regarding the credit card processing company staff certification training program are described below.


5) If you are looking for work as a finance specialist, this course will provide you with the opportunity to work as an agent or employee at a credit card processing company.


6) If the trainee you are sponsoring for this program is an unemployed or low-income wage earner who has been unemployed for a long time, she or he may be eligible for scholarship support or arrange for early employment on the schedule.


7) This credit card processor certification course is held quarterly, once a month, or once every two weeks, on a regular basis. This short-term vocational training program has the advantage of preparing participants to begin work immediately after having received basic classroom education of 8 to 16 hours and 8 to 16 hours of on-the-job training.


8) It takes six months to a year to continue to the next professional course. In this class, you will be trained as an on-site marketing specialist and you will be able to earn a high income, or you will be able to get an employment contract as a self-employed or high-income worker.


9) Manager-level graduates from this course will receive employment opportunities from the MPS Merchant Services Group, Inc. or the Meridian Payment System Company.


10) These two companies are among the top ten credit processing companies in the U.S. Currently, we run vocational training and job support programs in partnership with the top five partner companies in the U.S. and the world. Current companies are Vantiv, Worldpay, First Data, Elavon, Global Payment, North America Bank Card, and Harbor Touch POS.


11) Whether you are starting a business with a professional salesperson or other technicians, marketing staff, customer service staff, or a self-employed person who provides your company's products and services, we offer a variety of training programs.


12) MPS Merchant Service Group, Inc. started business in 2009 and has worked with more than 10 years of experienced new agents to become one of the best processing companies in the United States.


13) The company has trained 100-300 agents and created new jobs each year for the last ten years. Meridian Payment System Company has been providing this training program to 100-300 counselors each year for 23 years, since 1995.


14) Once trainees have completed the partnership vocational training course, the two companies' re-training and recruitment programs will automatically provide trainees with the opportunity to become secondary agents.


16) These top ten processor’s instructors will participate and support individual training classes, which include more detail about the company history and the company’s product services. 


17) Occupational counseling and internet resource rooms are open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and you can get job search advice by email or phone at any time.

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