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Legal Services and Education 

1. Legal services for low-income earners, first-time immigrant Job seekers, and early- immigrant entrepreneurs. Workers are too often unfairly dismissed from their jobs, do not receive basic labor costs, are sexually assaulted by their supervisors, or are not paid overtime wages.

2. Our program provides a better business environment by offering an opportunity to consult with a professional lawyer for the current job seeker or existing employees who have been subjected to unfair labor practices, and if the job seeker is an early immigrant, to arrange for lower cost or free legal services.


3. Early-immigrant job seekers can apply for immigration education services to help them apply for permanent residency and citizenship, and the specialist can help them get the documents they need.  


4. Early-immigration start-up owners or unstable and low-income business owners will receive free, or low-cost legal services in case they need them.

5. The program also teaches the process of applying for large and small civil cases that can happen in business locations and provides free LDA services to low-income entrepreneurs and low-cost legal filing.

6. It can provide services in cooperation with experts in various fields, such as bankruptcy, small claims, family law, and immigration law.

7. The professional legal services of the LDA licensee, along with the attorneys in question, provide court papers applications to low-income employers or the general public at a reduced fee for low-wage workers and entrepreneurs.

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