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Legal Services and Education 

Open Classes for Legal Services: Eviction, Business Law, and Immigrant Education

1. Supporting Low-Income and Immigrant Communities:

  • We offer legal assistance for low-income earners, newly arrived immigrants seeking employment, and entrepreneurs from early-immigrant backgrounds. Many face challenges such as unfair job termination, unpaid wages, workplace harassment, or denied overtime compensation.

2. Professional Legal Consultations:

  • Our initiative enhances the business environment by facilitating consultations with professional lawyers for those facing unfair labor practices. For early immigrants, we strive to provide access to affordable or complimentary legal services.

3. Immigration Education Services:

  • Early-immigrant job seekers have the opportunity to access services aimed at assisting them with applications for permanent residency and citizenship, including support in obtaining necessary documentation.

4. Legal Aid for Start-up Owners:

  • Entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of immigration, or those managing unstable and low-income businesses, qualify for free or cost-effective legal services tailored to their needs.

5. Civil Case and Legal Documentation Support:

  • Our program educates participants on handling both major and minor civil cases arising in business settings and offers free Legal Document Assistant (LDA) services to low-income entrepreneurs, along with affordable legal filing options.

6. Collaborative Expertise Across Legal Fields:

  • We collaborate with experts in various legal areas, including bankruptcy, small claims, family law, and immigration, ensuring comprehensive support for diverse needs.

7. Affordable Legal Documentation Services:

  • Through the professional legal services provided by LDA licensees and collaborating attorneys, we offer assistance with court document applications at reduced rates for low-income workers and entrepreneurs.

Join our open classes for legal services tailored to the needs of immigrants, low-income earners, and early-stage entrepreneurs. Our comprehensive support aims to provide the knowledge and resources necessary for navigating legal challenges, enhancing business operations, and securing personal rights and stability.

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