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Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation

CEO & Founder Principal Dr. Sarah Liew's  mission about  Meridian institute technology university & Meridian Business Legal Investment 

Important Notice: As a nonprofit organization, we are legally prohibited from supporting any political candidates. This message is intended solely for educational purposes to inform about our organization's mission. Our commitment to neutrality means we cannot express support for any political candidate.

501 (c) (3) Non-Profit For Supporting Entrepreneurs,   Employment and Job Training 

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are committed to empowering entrepreneurs by creating the ideal conditions for their success. We achieve this through a broad spectrum of services and support encompassing business guidance, legal advice, investment education, job training, and vision development. Our focus is on nurturing the growth and development of entrepreneurs, ensuring they have access to the resources and knowledge necessary to thrive in their endeavors.

Bord of Directors


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Founder & CEO, Program Director

Andrew Kim 

Attorney & Counsel, Secretary, Program Head Adviser


Abraham Lee

  Vice President, Treasurer, Program Vice Director


Christina Mason 

Secretary, Program Coordinator


Mission Statement: Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation

The Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation is wholeheartedly committed to transforming lives by delivering a broad spectrum of services that focus on empowering business initiatives, offering legal aid, fostering financial education, enhancing job skills, and nurturing visionary growth. Our overarching goal is to elevate individuals to a level of self-reliance that not only allows them to succeed personally but also to serve as invaluable contributors to society, all through securing meaningful employment and establishing robust, sustainable businesses.

With our foundation's efforts concentrated on four pivotal areas, we aim to be a catalyst for economic self-reliance and enduring stability for the people we assist. We are convinced that our multifaceted services and programs have the potential to significantly uplift individuals and, by extension, communities:

  • Empowerment through Business and Educational Services: We extend a helping hand to both aspiring and current entrepreneurs with a suite of services that includes but is not limited to, business plan formulation, mentorship opportunities, and a variety of workshops and training sessions. Our intent is to nurture the growth of flourishing businesses.

  • Legal Support and Financial Enlightenment: Acknowledging the critical necessity of legal counsel and financial savvy in securing a prosperous future, our foundation offers legal services ranging from consultations to document assistance, coupled with investment education initiatives. These efforts are designed to endow individuals with the acumen and resources for astute financial management.

  • Vocational Training Initiatives: Firm in our belief in the power of education and skill acquisition, our vocational training programs are crafted to equip individuals with the competencies required to excel in the current employment landscape. From specialized training to support in resume crafting, interview techniques, and securing internships, we aim to unlock the potential within each individual.

  • Vision Cultivation Workshops: We recognize the importance of goal-setting and clear, forward-thinking vision. Our workshops are tailored to assist individuals in uncovering their passions, strengths, and aspirations. Through focused coaching and mentorship, we guide participants towards crafting a strategic blueprint for their success, instilling a profound sense of purpose and direction.

At the heart of the Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation's mission lies a commitment to effecting sustainable change in the lives of those we serve. By offering an all-encompassing suite of services and activities, we are dedicated to dismantling obstacles, fostering opportunities, and helping individuals to achieve self-sustaining prosperity. Let's collaborate to forge a future where every individual has the chance to excel and contribute to a vibrant, flourishing society.

Meridian institute technology university  

Meridian Credit Card Processing Job Training

at the Meridian Institute of Technology University 

Meridian Credit Card Processing introduces an Industrial Careers Job Training program, meticulously designed to foster professional development and achievement in the credit card processing sector. This all-encompassing program delves into essential industry facets, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills vital for career progression.

The curriculum is carefully curated to cater to professionals occupying diverse roles within the industry, such as ISOs, financial institutions, processors, vendors, and service providers. It encompasses the latest industry developments, challenges, and regulatory dynamics, ensuring learners are well-prepared to navigate the evolving landscape of electronic processing.

Instructors for the program are seasoned industry professionals, bringing valuable firsthand experience and insight into the challenges faced in the field. Their expertise ensures the training remains relevant and current. Meridian Credit Card Processing is committed to excellence, continually seeking participant feedback to refine and expand its course offerings to align with industry advancements.


Program Details:

The training unfolds over two days, segmented into detailed classes each targeting a critical area of credit card processing:

  • Day 1 includes:

    • Class 1: Processing & Underwriting – This class covers the essentials of merchant services processing and underwriting, priced at $399 for virtual attendance and $699 for in-person participation.

    • Class 2: Fee & Cost Analysis – Focuses on banking and statement analysis, alongside cost comparisons, also priced at $399 virtually and $699 live.

    • Class 3: Customer Services – Emphasizes chargeback and retrieval request handling, risk management, and PCI compliance, with identical pricing to the previous classes.

  • Day 2 continues with:

    • Class 4: Inside Sales Presentation – Offers training in product and services presentation, including marketing materials, telemarketing, and lead generation, maintaining the same pricing structure.

    • Class 5: Field Sales Presentation – Delivers insights on sales appointment, merchant service sales, and sales closing presentations.

    • Class 6: Terminals Presentation – Covers terminal presentation, tech support, and programming with installation.

    • Class 7: Teamwork – Focuses on team recruiting, training presentations, partnership programs, and cause-related marketing.


Participants must complete all 7 classes, totaling 80 units, to achieve certification as credit card processing field sales consultants and agents. Each class offers 3 to 5 hours of professional field education, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

This rigorous training program is engineered to prepare individuals thoroughly for a successful career in the credit card processing industry, enhancing their professional growth and positioning them for success.

Class One: Processing & Underwriting  

Code: MSP (Merchant Services Processing)

Code: UAP (Underwriting Application Processing)


Class Two: Fee & Cost Analysis

Code: BSA (Banking and Statement Analysis)

Code: CCA (Comparable Cost Analysis)


Class Three: Customer Services

Code: CR (Charge Back and Retrieval Requests)

Code: RR (Risk Management & PCI)


Class Four: Inside Sales Presentation

Code: PSP (Product & Services Presentation)

Code: MPP (Marketing Materials Presentation)

Code: TSP (Telemarketing Sales Presentation)

Code: SL (Leads Generation Presentation 


Class Five: Field Sales Presentation

Code: SA (Sales Appointment Presentation)    

Code’s (Sales Merchant Service Presentation)

Code: SC (Sales Closing Presentation)  

Class Six: Terminals Presentation

Code: TP (Terminals Presentation)

Code: TTS (Terminal Tech-Support)

Code: TPI (Terminal Programming & Installation)      


Class Seven: Teamwork

Code: TR (Team Recruiting Presentation)

Code: TT (Team Training Presentation)

Code: PC (Partnership Program)

Code: CRM (Cause Related Marketing)  

Total 20 Classes will be required to be certified with 80 units

Ps: Total 7 big major certification Classes will be provided with individual small 20 classes with 80 units. Each small class will be 3-5 hours of professional field education will be providing. Total 60-100 hours be required to complete all the certification courses.



Certification Requirements:

  • Total Classes: 7 major (20 sub-classes)

  • Units Required: 80

  • Duration: 3-5 hours per class, totaling 60-100 hours.


Timing and Cost:

  • Completion Time: 1 week (21-35 hours).

  • Virtual Course: $2,793.

  • Live Class Option: $4,893 (Weekly small groups, monthly large groups).


Program Goals: To provide an immersive and thorough training experience, preparing participants for successful careers as certified agents and consultants in the credit card processing industry. The program offers flexibility with virtual and live class options, catering to different learning preferences and schedules.


Unique Offer: Meridian Credit Card Processing is dedicated to ensuring job readiness, promising a 100% job replacement certification for participants within one week of program completion.


Enrollment: Interested individuals can enroll and make payments through our job creation option, committing to a path of professional enhancement and success in the credit card processing sector.


Join Our Courses 
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Your tuition payments will serve as contributions to the school, which can be made via the link provided below:


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