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Meridian Credit Card Processing Job Training

Experience professional growth and success with Meridian Credit Card Processing's Industrial Careers Job Training program! Our curriculum is meticulously designed to provide you with essential industry knowledge and skills, catering to professionals across various sectors—ISOs, financial institutions, processors, vendors, and service providers. Delve into the heart of the electronic processing industry as we explore its latest developments, pressing issues, and critical regulations.

What sets our training apart is our commitment to leveraging the rich expertise within our community. We bring together members and seasoned practitioners who face these challenges daily to share their insights and knowledge. This unique approach not only enriches our curriculum but ensures that the training remains practical and directly applicable to your day-to-day work.

Your input is invaluable to us. We encourage you to share any specific topics or areas you're interested in. Our goal is to continually adapt and enhance our courses to align with the dynamic nature of our industry, ensuring they remain relevant and beneficial for your career progression. Join us in shaping a training program that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of our industry professionals.

Class Locations and Accessibility:

We offer a globally accessible training program for job seekers around the world, thanks to our Global Membership with HQ and Regus. This allows us to utilize over 300 office spaces across the USA and internationally for both short-term meetings and long-term leases. Currently, we're focusing on establishing primary locations in:

  • Los Angeles, CA: with offices at 633 West 5th St, #2800, and 515 S Flower St, 36th floor.

  • Beverly Hills, CA: at 9465 Wilshire Blvd #300, and 9700 Wilshire Blvd #300.

  • San Jose, CA: located at 2033 Gateway Pl, 5th floor.

Additionally, we're open to offering classes in various states across the USA, including short-term training sessions in collaboration with MIT. If you're interested in courses near you, please reach out for more information.

Class Schedule and Activation:

Our classes are designed to commence whenever we have at least 25 registered job trainees, ensuring readiness to start training at any given time. The schedule for each job training program varies:

  • Youth training (ages 14-26) occurs during summer and winter vacations.

  • Early retirement training (ages 45-65) is available quarterly.

  • Christian business owner networking and women's business networking workshops are held 1-2 times a year.

Fees and Costs:

Fees for our job training programs range from $399 per class, based on duration and content:

  • Classes lasting 1-3 hours are priced from $399.

  • For 2-5 hour classes, the fee is set from $399.

These fees cover instructor costs, coursework materials (including CDs, terminal models), and necessary equipment (projectors, computers). For all-day workshops, the cost ranges from $399 to $599, covering comprehensive job training, instructor fees, rental spaces, and materials.

Resource Allocation:

Our team dedicates full-time efforts towards enrolling new students, involving significant work in setup, marketing, and coordination. This includes securing resources, arranging instructors, and organizing class logistics. As a nonprofit organization, our mission involves a substantial investment in time and resources to ensure the highest quality education and training.

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