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Meridian Credit Card Processing Job Training

Meridian Credit Card Processing Industrial Careers Job Training designed for your professional growth and success! Each course will address key facts of the industry that are necessary for expanding your knowledge and expertise. Courses are designed to meet your needs whether you work for an ISO, financial institution, processor, vendor or service provider. We will cover the latest developments, issues and regulations relating to the electronic processing industry. Best of all, we’re capitalizing on the skills and expertise of those who know the industry the best our members and those actually dealing with the issues on a day-to-day basis to serve as faculty for this special job training. We want your feedback! If there is a particular area that you would like more information or training, please let us know. We are constantly striving to make our course offerings the best and most relevant for our ever-changing Industry.


Partner company list attached: WORLDPAY, VANTIV, FIRST DATA, NORTH AMERICA BANK CARD, and HARBOR TOUCH, website will be provided to see.

  • WORLDPAY and their partners companies - see more detail visit website.
    Website Address:
    WORLDPAY has been a pioneer in card payments, multi-currency processing, online payments and contactless, and is aiming to lead the way in expanding global reach, data analytics and optimization, and the emerging field of integrated payments.  On a typical day, we process over 31 million mobile, online and in-store transactions – that’s around 400 a second. In 2015, we processed 13.1bn transactions with a total value of c.402bn. We support 400,000 merchants in 126 currencies across 146 countries, offering over 300 payment methods.


  • NPC & VANTIV  and their partner’s companies- see more detail visit website.
    Website Address:
    2018: VANTIV  becomes the new WORLDPAY in an acquisition that brings together the two companies to become the #1 global acquirer. Covering approximately 146 countries, 126 transaction currencies, and more than 300 alternative payment forms, the new WORLDPAY will process 40 billion transactions for more than a million merchant locations worldwide annually.


  • North America Bank card and their partner companies- see more detail visit website.
    Website Address:

PS: There are many other partners will be participation time to time

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